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April 2019 album releases

Aldous Harding: Designer review – a true original by Kitty Empire on 28th April 2019 at 8:00 am (4AD)Had Aldous Harding remained preserved in aspic, with just two mesmeric, folk-adjacent albums to her name, she would still be numbered among this generation’s true originals.Renown and greater budgets have allowed this New Zealander to trade up […]

Record Store Day 2019 – Saturday 13th April 2019

Record Store Day 2019 is happening on Saturday 13th April 2019. Record Store Day is a worldwide event that promotes independent record shops and creates one-off, exclusive vinyl releases that will be sold in participating record shops on Record Store Day. More shops taking part In the UK, over 250 record shops are now signed […]

40 years of music sales in graphs

Music formats come and go with each new format proclaimed as the future and signalling the death of older formats. Most in the music industry thought vinyl was going to go the same way as the not at all missed 8 track format but has been rather popular in recent times (see Book of month […]

Recent record releases – March to April 2018

Here’s a run-down of the best or most important record releases in March to April 2018. The Left Outsides: All That Remains The Left Outsides are London-based husband and wife Alison Cotton and Mark Nicholas (the former the viola and harmonium player in mid-noughties folk-rockers The Eighteenth Day of May and John Peel indie favourites […]

February 2018 album releases

Here’s a digest of the albums released in February 2018: Tracey Thorn: Record Tracey Thorn has been half (with husband Ben Watt) of bedsit/acoustic romantics turned electronic hitmakers Everything But the Girl. She has worked with Massive Attack and sported one of pop’s best haircut. Her fifth solo album returns to the style of EBTG’s […]

January 2018 album releases

Here’s a digest of the album released in January 2018: Field Music: – Open Here Sunderland’s Field Music produce angular, prog-inflected pop music with strong melodies. Never predictable and drawing on influences from principally XTC, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads and Steely Dan their latest album Open Here should win them new fans. Craig David: The […]