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Jacaranda Records Liverpool

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Launched in July 2015, Jacaranda Records is situated in the snug surroundings of the The Jacaranda’s first floor.

Most record stores offer one or two listening tables for customers to try records before purchase. Jacaranda Records has taken this a step further with four specially crafted listening booths! Using the turntable set into the granite table of each listening booth, customers can play records for themselves or the enjoyment of others. The customer’s selection either plays through headphones, or out of the speakers set into the headrests of the booth’s seating.

Many visitors while away the hours in these spacious listening booths, discovering new music or reaquianting themselves with old favourites. The booth size allows up to 6 people (approximately) to gather around the turntable! Refreshments and snacks are also on offer, allowing crate diggers to enjoy a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, or a cold beer whilst searching for sounds.

In addition to the range of new and used records that spans across genres from Prog Rock to P-Funk, the store stocks a library of Liverpudlian artists. Curious customers can sample sounds from a variety of scouse musicians that extends from legends such as The Beatles, Lita Roza, and The Real Thing to modern artists such as Clinic, All We Are, and The Weave.

The centrepiece of the record store, the ‘cherry on top’, our pièce de résistance, is the restored 1948 Voice-O-Graph booth which allows customers to make their own record! Utilising delicate mechanical technology from a bygone era, the Voice-O-Graph records sounds from its built-in microphone directly onto a transparent 5″ platter. Visitors can record a capella, bring their own instrument, or borrow our in-store guitar to accompany their performance. Our Voice-O-Graph is one of a few remaining functioning booths in the world, and the only one permanently available to the public in Britain.

Jacaranda Records is one of the most interesting multi-faceted record stores on planet Earth. We hope you pay us a visit soon to experience it for yourself!

Customer reviews of Jacaranda records

Great place to chill and listen to music the old fashioned way on a turnstile.Only small place so its hit and miss if theres a booth free but well worth a visit

Friendly staff. Good coffee and being able to choose your own music to listen to is great! Somewhere different to relax and have a brew rather than the usual coffee chain shops. A hidden gem in the middle of Liverpool! GO – you won’t regret it.

1st time I have visited the shop today. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Tuck my little lad with the staff made him very welcome by making him a milkshake. I would highly recommend the jacaranda records too anyone

I was so happy to find this place on my birthday. Few drinks and listened to a bit of Sinatra in a booth. Brilliant!!!

Nice little find, very unique with inbuilt LP turntables and a vast array of LPs to play at no charge and the staff very friendly x

I absolutely love it here, often go with friends and just relax with good music and company …plus a couple of gins

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