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Serving West Sussex’s vinyl and tapeheads!

All new vinyl, new releases and classic reissues. No 2nd hand. We dont buy collections.

Reviews of Analogue October Records

Bloody brilliant little store! I’m an avid collector of vinyls and buy a few a month this shop is always stocked with a great choice, the staff are polite and very friendly. Lovely atmosphere from start to finish. 6 stars out of 5

Ended up visiting the shop for the first time on Sunday when I went in with my partner and little boy. Craig was amazing with Jacob meaning we could both have a detailed look round the wonderful varied collection whilst he was kept entertained and gave stickers, told stories and let dance! We were given great advice, knowledge, service and products! Both boys came away very happy and they can’t wait to visit again! Can see why my partner says it is his favourite and the best shop in town!

I’ve just paid my first visit to the shop and had a good chat with Craig. I must say, this shop is really, really good. Lots of knowledge. Lots of stock and most impressively and possibly most importantly, lots of variety!! I just got my daughter’s first album for Christmas from there whilst plugging a couple of my own gaps in my collection. I can’t recommend it enough. This is a great shop!!

First visit today. Very friendly and helpful staff and great selection of albums. Will be back very soon.

Came in to the shop today for the first time.
SO glad I did, a great atmosphere and more importantly a great selection of music.
I’d be the first to say I have eclectic tastes and there’s was so much that took my fancy.
Great stock, great prices and most importantly really top vibes.
Just like a record shop should be.

What an amazing owner and shop. After a enquiry two weeks as to whether they had an album in stock that was released for RSD they replied to say they did have it and would kindly hold me one. In that time my father has got very sick and delayed me getting over to collect it. Every message I sent was replied to and my partner went in today and finally picked it up for me. Not only was the record priced very reasonably they have saved me from having to spend a fortune trying to get in on EBay where the record is 5 times the amount. Cannot wait to get over to the shop to have a look around. Thanks again Analogue! (Sorry I don’t the name of the true gent that dealt with me)

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