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Lizard Inc Records is your favourite little vinyl emporium nestled deep within the heart of Warrington’s cultural quarter. Racks of lovely vinyl and in a large enough quantity to keep any crate digger digging for hours.

Not only is it a place for those with a hunger for more vinyl, it is a place for those who want less. We buy full or part collections for cash and give your once loved records a new lease of life in a new home.

In an ever changing world and at a time where the climate is at the forefront of everyone’s agenda to reduce that carbon footprint, Lizard inc leads the way when it comes to vinyl recycling!

Customer reviews of Lizard Inc Records

Brilliant little gem! Could get lost for hours going through the racks. Really relaxed vibe and just an all round great selection

Fantastic selection of vinyl and a shopkeeper who definitely knows his stuff! Could’ve spent all day here (& a lot more money!!)

Warrington’s only independent record shop , loads in stock , friendly knowledgeable staff – make sure you check it out when in town

Quality independent store in the heart of Cheshire supplying some great genres!

I went in today, great atmosphere and amazing knowledge. Kept my 5 year old entertained with free stickers. Pointed me in a direction I may not have gone, but glad he did. I also now have lizard Inc stickers on most surfaces in my house. Highly recommend. For your own sanity I advise coming in with a budget and stick to it, it would be so easy to spend a fortune. But it would be worth every penny. See you next payday

I found it a great place to visit to buy superb retro and new issue vinyl. I always get a really friendly welcome and find the knowledgeable advice for whatever I’m looking for very useful.
…Just what Warrington needed.

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