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Owner, Martin Thompson, owns this bijou record store overlooking the river here in Haverfordwest, South-West Wales. He’s been in business for many years buying and selling new and second-hand vinyl records, CDs, even ye olde cassette tapes.

Martin draws on decorated bags were slipped to unsuspecting customers over the years. Some where discarded, others were pinned up on bedroom or kitchen walls. Some customers even ask for them. If you have records or CDs for sale he’d like to hear from you. Much depends on what the items are and the condition they are in.

“Top source of vinyl and CDs, good banter and great bunch of lads.”

“As a customer for many, many years(over 35, at least), I can assure anyone interested in this fascinating, independent shop, that the stock primarily consists of VINYL(both new and second-hand). All varieties of music included and all at VERY reasonable prices. Referred to in Garth Cartwright’s book, ‘Going for a Song’ as ‘the finest in West Wales’ and quite right, too. “