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The great jazz musician Duke Ellington was once quizzed about the best kinds of music; his response: “There’s only two kinds” – good and bad. That’s my take on music too – my tasted are highly eclectic and that’s reflected in what I offer for sale at Wood Street Indoor Market.

My name’s Mike, I’ve lived many years in Walthamstow and now run one of the record shops at the market, and what distinguishes my shop is that besides second-hand and new vinyl records, CDs and music-related books and DVDs, I also sell oil paintings of iconic musicians by local artist Ruth Lukom. These are displayed on the walls of my unit and some examples are on this webpage.

My background is as a journalist including music articles and in 2010 I published a book on jazz. And for three and a half years I presented a show on UK Jazz Radio and Europe Jazz Radio-UK. And having spent a lifetime building up my own cherished collection of records, trading vinyl seems the most natural step to take.

I love talking about music with visitors to my shop, learning how it touches their lives and about fascinating music I didn’t know about, and hopefully in turn enthusing them about music that they previously didn’t know about.

Anyway, I’m always on the look-out for good condition fresh stock, mostly vinyl, and will pay best trader prices for anything that interests me, particularly the following:

  • Jazz – especially modern;
  • Rock – including punk, new wave, 2 tone, psychedelic, glam, metal, Krautrock, Britpop
  • Pop
  • World music – especially, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Brazilian and African
  • Blues, R&B
  • Folk and roots music
  • Soul and funk
  • Reggae, ska, bluebeat
  • Hip-hop, trip-hop, D&B, electro
  • Soundtracks

As for classical, well, some of the most fabulous music ever and the best such vinyl recordings sound superb on hi-fi and I keep some stock but it doesn’t sell so well so I buy little. But always willing to consider avant-garde developments.

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Our Address:

Unit 19 CRATE Building, 35 St James St, Walthamstow, London E17 7FY


51.5805899, -0.0324048

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