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National album day 2019 – Saturday 12 October 2019

National album day 2019 – Saturday 12 October 2019

On Saturday 12th October 2019 the entire British music community is coming together to celebrate the second National Album Day.

The day celebrates the format of the album as an art form. Vinyl records

In the days of streaming and people buying single tracks, National Album Day reminds us that albums can still have an impact on our lives and culture.

The official National Album Day said this:

We’ve enjoyed over 70 years of albums; classic, life-changing, first, influential and even the ones we couldn’t live without. Albums mean different things to different people

There are lots of ways of celebrating National Album Day, from hosting album listening parties, going record shopping with friends, attending live album playbacks or just rejoicing in your record collection and telling the world about the albums you cherish and love.

The theme for 2019 – Don’t skip

Don’t skip is the theme for 2019. Experience the benefits of taking time out to listen to an album from start to finish and luxuriate in how and why the collection of tracks were put together in that order.  Let your favourite albums be the antidote to the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle of the modern world!

Be part of the national conversation by using the hashtag #DontSkip by posting to socials tagging @AlbumDayUK

National Album Day is celebrating the format at a time where demand for albums remain strong, underlining the cultural and commercial significance and its enduring appeal at the heart of British recorded music.

Earlier this year the music sector reported that 143 million albums or their equivalent were either streamed, purchased or downloaded in the UK in 2018 – worth approximately £1.3 billion at retail, and representing a near 6 per cent rise on the year before. As part of this, 4.2 million vinyl LPs were sold – a 2000 per cent rise since the format’s low point in 2007, and the 11th year of consecutive growth.

Get involved by checking your local area for events, visiting your local record shop or sitting down and listening to some albums from start to finish!

More information here: About National Album Day

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