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RSD 2020 now three drop dates Aug 29, Sep 26 and Oct 24

RSD 2020 now three drop dates Aug 29, Sep 26 and Oct 24
Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2020, RSD 2020 has had several postponements due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Now that the lockdown has eased to allow non-essential shops to open.  We’re

Record Store Day at Record Revivals

Record Store Day at Record Revivals

pleased to report the gradual opening of UK and Irish record shops. Strict social distancing is still being observed and many shops have changed their policies to protect customers and staff.

The annual Record Store Day was originally scheduled for April and then got put back to June. New dates have finally been announced.

There are now three RSD ‘Drop Dates’ in which you can get hold of the RSD titles from local record shops: August 29September 26 or October 24

You can find the 2020 releases and their new Drop Dates on the RSD website or you can download a copy of that list here! Now would be a great time to find those releases you really want and let your local record shop know what you would like them to order in for you.

It’s important for you to check with your local record shops for their policies on social distancing and how they will manage the expected pent up demand. RSD 2020 will be a record store day but not a we have known it.

Get more information here: RSD 2020 drop dates revealed and the UK Record Store Day website.



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