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Future is Vinyl @ Vinyl Cafe

A to Z, music is a journey; transporting you to another place through the medium of sound waves.

Vinyl Cafe is the brainchild of James Brown the owner and founder of the shop on Abbey Street, Carlisle.

It’s about slowing down to appreciate and actually taking the time to really listen.

Music on Vinyl gives the listener a more tangible experience bringing them closer to what the artist originally intended for their sound, which sometimes is lost in the transition from studio to mastering to release in other listening formats.

Vinyl Cafe is a space where listeners can relax and browse in an slightly different, unhurried environment. With an eclectic range of vinyl to suit the eclectic mind.

Customer reviews of Vinyl Cafe in Carlisle

Great atmosphere, great Vinyl, fab cafe, lovely owners … what’s not to like? Get down here!

Friendly welcome, excellent coffee, great range of artists on vinyl and a knowledgeable owner on all things Tom Waits related! Great place.

Great shop and service. Eclectic service, a mixture of rare and bargains as well as an excellent coffee shop too. Managed some great albums including solo albums by Don Henley and Joe Lynn Turner, as well as others including a £1 copy of Red Rose Speedway (Wings). Great Latte too. Will visit again the next time we are in Carlisle.

First visit today. Have just moved to Carlisle and I’ll be a regular for sure. Coffee and vinyl is all I need. Friendly knowledgeable owners and great range of new and second hand vinyl. Picked up an absolute beauty for my collection. Hope the shop flourishes and if you visit Carlisle and love music, you need to visit.

Great day on Saturday as I experienced going to the Vinyl Cafe everything​ that is good about a local business. Great selection of vinyl knowledgeable staff, music shop supporting local bands in allowing them to play and selling their music. Hot chocolate was amazing and it just had a great atmosphere that you don’t get from national stores or buying music online. Just one request when are you doing more music sessions as it would be a great venue for night time gigs.

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